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Stern WWE Wrestlemania Pro Pinball Machine

  • $ 5,48500

Improved earnings:
  • All LED lighting enables enhanced lighting effects, increases reliability and attracts new players. Included is the florescent light replacement by LED’s, which last longer, run cooler and draw less electricity. 
  • A new modern CPU and expanded memory allow the designers greater freedom to create new compelling game scenarios to attract more players and lengthen their engagement.
  • A more powerful high definition digital sound system enhances the gameexperience.
Higher reliability:
  • New built-in automotive-grade circuit protection for LEDs, switches and solenoids reduces circuit failures from accidental shorts and environmental faults.
  • Lower game heat reduces stress on components increasing longevity.

Easier serviceability:
  • Low-cost game modules are easy for any technician to replace and costly circuit board repair is eliminated.
  • Reduced wiring complexity eases troubleshooting and worn component replacement.
  • Improved system diagnostics make the system easy to learn.

Greater efficiency:
  • Reduced chances of failure from environmental conditions with robust solenoid, switch and lighting protection circuitry.
  • SPIKE™ system games use less energy than older models and generate less heat during operation.
  • New controllable LED artwork backlighting reduces fade, saves energy